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How it all started. To make a short story shorter, Liron lost his mom to breast cancer and he needed occupational therapy to deal with his loss and grief so he built ✂️ Clippink to honor her 🕯️ memory. 

Liron was inspired by Rabbi Avraham Elimelech Firer, which has a phenomenal ability to store a huge amount of medical information, learn, connect between cases and refer patients to suitable treatment, although he has NEVER studied medicine. 

We’re building Clippink on this inspiration because we believe in crowdsourcing, big data and the power of the breast cancer community to help each other discover helpful products.

How we think 💭

Our motto is simple: “FUCK CANCER, FUCK MONEY”. Do what you have to do to make this shitty situation suck less for you and your family. Use products that can help ease symptoms, side effects and improve your day to day life.

Shop and use responsibly

We work constantly to improve our recommendation system, yet always read carefully the package insert and consult a medical professional which ingredients are suitable for you and your treatment. Be aware that this paragraph isn’t just a medical disclaimer our lawyers make us write to cover our ass its part of our beliefs in DOING GOOD and helping moms fighting breast cancer.