St. Mege Medical-Grade Drug-Free Silicone Scar Sheets for C-Section (11/11)

Promising review: “haven’t been able to use it lately because I sweat excessively in the heat (using it on my chest for scars from a double mastectomy) and the weather has been hot, but the time I was able to use it I loved it. Goes on easy, sticks well when I’m not sweating, and then once it’s on I barely feel it! I’ll hold off on buying it again until cooler weather, but I’ll definitely buy it again” – Crow Khaaliq

Promising review: “My wife is recovering from Breast Cancer. A double mastectomy left some relatively large scars. The Plastic Surgeon recommended these. She has been using them for about a month and we see a drastic improvement. I ordered some for a friends daughter who has facial scars from a dog bite. It seems to be working!” – donna f.

Price: $29.99

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